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Professor Stephen Hawking'srevealed how he has alwaystried to 'lead as full a life as possible,' in response to a plea forinspiring message.在受邀分享一些励志金句时,斯蒂芬·霍金教授表示,他总是“尽己所能,过充实的生活”。Other A-list stars, including actor Sir Ian McKellen, athlete JessicaEnnis-Hill, actor Sir David Jason and sailor Dame Ellen MacArthuralso shared some words of wisdom.其他活跃在各个领域的优秀人士,包括演员伊安·麦克莱恩爵士、运动员杰西卡·恩尼斯、演员大卫·杰森以及航海家艾伦·麦克阿瑟,也都纷纷献上了一些睿智的经验之谈。image.pngThe famous faces put pen to paper for Simon Rhodes after he asked them for encouragingquotes to spur on staff at his legal firm.西蒙·罗德请这些名人写点什么,以激励他律师事务所里的员工。随后,这些名人纷纷提笔为他们打气。The first to arrive was from the 73-year-old scientists and author, who suffers from motor neurondisease.第一份鼓励来自现年73岁的科学家霍金教授,他同时也是一位作家,长期饱受运动神经元病症的折磨。Professor Hawking wrote: 'I have always tried to overcome the limitations of my condition andlead as full a life as possible. I have travelled the world, from the Antarctic to zero gravity.'他写道:“长久以来,我一直努力突破自身情况的局限,尽己所能,过充实的生活。我的思想曾环游世界,从极寒的南极到零重力的苍穹之外,都有我思想的足迹。”He accompanied his message with a thumb print.他还随信附上了他本人的指纹。Mr Rhodes, 46, from Southampton, Hampshire, fired off 25 letters to some of the most famousnames in the country and in total 18 replied.现年46岁的罗德来自汉普郡南安普敦。他向英国境内的25位名人逐个发信,最终收到了18封回信。In return, he made a £100 donation to a charity of the celebrity respondents choosing.而作为回报,他向受邀名人们指定的慈善机构分别捐赠了100欧元。Mr Rhodes, who is the managing partner at law firm Trethowans, said: 'I was pleasantly surprisedthat so many came back and it's the little bits where they have gone over and above.罗德是一家律师事务所的合伙人之一,他表示:“能有这么多的回信,我很惊讶,也很高兴。这已经远远超过了我的预期。'But the one where I sat down and held it because I didn't expect to get it was Stephen Hawking. Itmade me smile the most.“但最让我受宠若惊的,是史蒂芬·霍金给我的回信,我没想到他会回复。这也是最令我开心的一封信。”Mr Rhodes came up with the idea last year to motivate the 150-strong staff but wanted to usewords that were not 'corporate speak'.罗德想要激励全公司150名员工,但又不想用那么“官方发言”式的口吻来说。于是,他在2014年想到了这个主意。He said: 'We all look at these motivational messages like 'sell more' and 'buy more' but they canhave the opposite effect.他表示:“我们都考虑过那种打鸡血式的说辞,‘我是销售能手’‘你是购物达人’之类的,但是它们很可能适得其反。'I wanted something that would motivate and the only way I thought I could do that was not byhaving our words.“我想要一些能振奋人心的话,但又觉得这些话靠我们自己说出来用处不大。'So I dug out the quotes and wrote to them all saying I was trying to motivate the nextgeneration of our staff.“于是我找了一些名人的语录,并给他们写信说我正想激励我们的下一届员工。'I told them I have read what they have said and how I thought it was motivational and said that ifthey were able to send a signed photograph with a message to our staff at Trethowans I will give£100 to their favorite charity.'“我告诉他们,我读了他们所说的话,认为这些话非常振奋人心。我还承诺,如果他们能寄上一张带有留言的签名照,我就会给他们中意的慈善活动捐赠100欧元。”The quotes and photographs of each of the celebrities have now been split between their newoffice in Southampton and a second office in Salisbury, where they have been hung on the walls ofthe staff seating area.现在,这些名人的箴言和照片一部分在南安普顿的新办事处,另一部分在索尔兹伯里市的事务所,都挂在员工座位区的墙上。回信的名人们及他们振奋人心的鼓励:Chelseamanager Jose Mourinho: 'Pressure? What pressure? Pressure is millions of parentsaround the world with no money to feed their children. There is no pressure in football.'切尔西主教练何塞·穆里尼奥:“压力?有什么压力?这个世界上数以百万计的父母无力抚养他们的孩子,这才叫压力。在足球世界里可没什么压力。”Actor Sir Ian McKellen, with a message saying 'Greetings from Middle Earth', said: 'All we have todo is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.'演员伊安·麦克莱恩爵士:这是“来自中土世界的问候”,“我们只要决定好怎样利用上天赐予的时间,这就够了”。Ex-Footballer Matt Le Tissier: 'If you haven't anything difficult to do today, then what's thepoint in getting up! Meet things head on, even the tough things'前英格兰名脚马修·勒蒂西埃:“如果你今天没有遇到一点困难,起床又有什么意义?积极面对一切,即便是磨难。”Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: 'Nobody has enough talent to live on talent alone. Evenwhen you have talent, a life without work goes nowhere.'阿森纳主教练温格:“没有人能只靠才华活着。即使你有才华,没有努力,人生也会一事无成。”Athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill: 'Training is full on. Some days I really don't want to get out of bedand hit that track again. Sunday and Monday morning sessions are always horrible, but who reallylooks forward to going to work on a Monday Morning?'运动员杰西卡·恩尼斯:“训练很累。有些时候我真的不想从床上起来再回到训练场。周日和周一的晨训永远都那么恐怖,但是哪有人会期盼着在周一早上工作呢?”Chef Heston Blumenthal: 'I was determined that if I failed, it wouldn't be through lack of effort'名厨赫斯顿·布鲁门撒尔:“我坚信,如果我失败了,绝对不是因为不努力。”Professor Stephen Hawking: 'I have always tried to overcome the limitations of my condition andlead as full a life as possible. I have travelled the world, from the antarctic to zero gravity'斯蒂芬·霍金教授:“长久以来,我一直努力突破自身情况的局限,尽己所能,过充实的生活。我的思想曾环游世界,从极寒的南极到零重力的苍穹之外,都有我思想的足迹。”Actor Sir David Jason: 'I've done my fair share of waiting on tables in restaurants, cleaning cars,whatever. I was even an electrician at one time, and I've done my fair share of decorating too*..but slowly my fortunes changed'演员大卫·杰森说:“我认真对待每一份工作,我在餐厅做过侍者,做过洗车工。我一度是个电工,还做过装修。但是慢慢地,我就时来运转了。”


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