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  The film,which critics are calling China's'Dallas Buyers Club,'earned nearly$50 million from pre-release previews and is being hailed as a creative breakthrough for the film industry.  被评论家称为中国版《达拉斯买家俱乐部》的那部影片在预映阶段就赚了近5000万美元,而且它还被誉为(中国)电影行业的一次创新性突破。  China's latest blockbuster,Dying to Survive,pulled off a rare feat of box-office magic this week:it managed to earn$50 million before it even opened.  中国最新大片《我不是药神》这周实现了罕见的票房奇迹:它在上映之前就赚了5000万美元。《我不是药神》火到国外!老外又是怎么解读的?
  A social drama tinged with black comedy,Dying to Survive premiered to rave reviews at the Shanghai International Film Festival in late June.It then hit the road on a promotional tour holding limited sneak-peek screenings in select cities across the country.  《我不是药神》是一部带有黑色喜剧色彩的社会题材影片,它于六月末在上海国际电影节的首映就收到了广泛好评。然后制片方开始对这部影片进行宣传推广,在全国选择了部分城市进行有限的“抢先看”放映。  With each stop,enthusiasm swelled,and the film soon became China's most widely discussed,critically acclaimed movie in years,scoring a 9.7/10 rating on ticketing service Maoyan.  宣传团队所到的每一站都受到了热烈的欢迎,而这部影片也很快成为中国这几年被广泛讨论且广受好评的一部作品,其在订票服务网站猫眼电影上的评分达到了9.7分(满分10分)。  The producers cleverly responded by escalating the scale of the previews,and the film began earning millions in prerelease revenue.They then moved its release date forward a full day to Thursday,citing"popular demand"—which only spurred more online excitement and discussion.  而且制片方还巧妙地回应了观众们的热情,增加了预映的场次,也使这部影片在预映阶段就赚得了上百万收益。然后制片方为了迎合“大众需求”把电影上映日期整整提前了一天,挪到了星期四,这也使网友们更加激动并在网上引起了热议。  As of Thursday night,Dying to Survive had already earned$48.6 million—and it wasn't even supposed to have been released yet.Maoyan's box-office analysts expect the film to add as much as$100 million over the weekend,before ultimately earning upwards of$420 million.  到星期四晚上《我不是药神》的票房收入已达4860万美元,而这甚至还不到其原本正式上映的时间。猫眼票房分析师曾预计这部影片的周末票房将达1亿美元,而之后其周末的最终票房达到了4.2亿美元。  So what's all the fuss about?  那么这部影片到底讲了怎样的一个故事?  Produced by Chinese hitmaker Ning Hao,Dying to Survive tells the story of a shady health supplements supplier,played by comedy favorite Xu Zheng(Lost in Thailand),who smuggles unapproved drugs from India to sell to leukemia patients who can't afford the prohibitively expensive official medication offered by Chinese hospitals.Initially inspired by financial interest,the smuggler's motives evolve as he realizes how desperately his customers need help.  由中国热门制片人宁浩监制的《我不是药神》讲述了一个非法的健康补充剂供应商的故事。由备受欢迎的喜剧人徐峥(代表作品《泰囧》)饰演的主角从印度走私未获得官方批准的药物,然后出售给那些买不起中国正规医院提供的非常昂贵的官方批准药剂的白血病患者。这名走私犯最初的目的是为了牟利,而当他意识到他的顾客是多么需要帮助之后,他的动机逐渐改变了。  The film is based on the real-life story of Lu Yong,a textile trader who was diagnosed with leukemia and spent over$80,000 on official medication before turning to smuggling a vastly cheaper generic alternative from India.He went on to save more than 1,000 lives by bringing the drug into China for other patients,before he was arrested and charged in 2014 with selling fake drugs.  这部影片是根据真实故事改编,陆勇是一位患有白血病的纺织品贸易商,他在购买官方批准药物上花了8万多美元,之后他开始从印度大量走私更便宜的可以替代官方批准药物的普通药剂。他把这种药带给了中国的其他病人,从而拯救了1000多人,之后在2014年他因贩卖假药被捕并被控告。  Hundreds of leukemia survivors Lu had helped then petitioned for his release,and he was ultimately freed without penalty by a judge who praised Lu for the way he had never personally profited from the drug sales.After news of Lu's saga spread,many in the local and international media began comparing him to the hero of Dallas Buyers Club,the 2013 Matthew McConaughey Oscar winner about a Texas man who sold unregulated AIDS drugs to help fellow HIV sufferers in the 1980s.  然后,陆勇帮助过的上百位白血病幸存者为他请愿,最终他被一位法官释放且没有处以罚款,法官称赞他本人从未从药品销售中获利。陆勇的事迹被报道之后,许多当地及国际媒体开始把他比作《达拉斯买家俱乐部》中的英雄。2013年马修·麦克康纳凭借这部影片获得了奥斯卡奖。这部影片讲述了20世纪80年代一位来自德克萨斯州的男子出售未经官方批准的艾滋病药物来帮助那些同样罹患艾滋病的患者的故事。  Critics have hailed Dying to Survive as a breakthrough for the Chinese film industry—a rare work of stirring social significance from a film scene typically blocked by censorship from addressing topics related to China's real-life problems.Several preview screenings have ended in standing ovations.  评论家称《我不是药神》是中国电影业的一次突破,是一部罕见的通过电影镜头反映社会意义的作品,而影片所反映的问题是中国电影审查机制通常会禁止的话题,因为这些话题反映了中国现实生活中真正存在的问题。在部分预映场次中,观众们最后都站起来为这部影片喝彩。